Click on images to find my book

Click on images to find my book
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ex Libris

I have just published another book, "Ex Libris," on It is a collection of 78 old bookplates that were used to identify the owners of a book.

My idea was to rekindle interest in this old art form that has been, largely, forgotten in the days of cheap, self inking, rubber stamps made at Office Depot. So, anyone who buys the book can scan a bookplate that they like, drop it into Photshop, erase out (if needed) the name on the original print and type their own name in the font and color that they like. Then, print out a bunch and paste them into the books in their private library.

If and when you loan out the book, you will have a better chance at getting it back! I love to share books with friends, but I hate losing track of them and never getting them back. Even if you don't loan books, the bookplate is an elegant addition to your collection.

Take a look at the book at:

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